Child care environment clean and orderly is very important for health, safety, and the emotional well-being of both children and providers. And at, Pro Commercial Cleaning, Sydney, we provide the best child care centre cleaning services. We have set up custom cleaning that has enabled our customer to enjoy professional cleaning services at an affordable rate. This has led to many child care centres coming back to us for more of our cleaning services.

A child care centre is one of the toughest places to keep clean. We understand the serious responsibility childcare centres have to provide a safe and clean environment for students, teachers and families. Our Pro Commercial Cleaning Services can help you meet those responsibilities.

Our child care centre and School Cleaning services include mopping, vacuuming, steam cleaning and/or sweeping of all floors and floor coverings, anti-bacterial cleaning of all frequently used surface areas, play areas, tables and chairs, sinks, tubs and benches, nappy change areas, walls and baseboards, trash and waste removal and cleaning of bins, bathroom floors, sweep and damp mop with hot water and disinfectant, anti-bacterial cleaning of toilets, urinals, cisterns and hand basins, windows including window sills, blinds and curtain and whatever else may be the unique requirements of your child care centre.

child care centre cleaning

Our customised, comprehensive cleaning packages, with flexibility within the contract to ensure all requirements and requests are met. Childcare centre, Nursing Home and school cleaning is one of our specialities. We promise you outstanding service and attention to detail to your centre’s unique cleaning requirements. We make prompt response to special requests and emergencies. Pro Commercial Cleaning services have access to the latest technology from around the world in cleaning equipment, processes and products, due to our in-house research and development team, and our experienced team of engineers, mechanics and maintenance support teams.

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